1970's a go-go! Dropped bath, avocado suite, mmmm....

Another satisfied client!

ATTENTION TO DETAIL is our watch-word. All workmanship is of the finest quality and guaranteed to last. Materials and goods we supply are the best quality money can buy. We don't cut corners and DO NOT USE SUB-CONTRACTORS except for Electrical work which must comply with Part P Building Regulations and therefore can ONLY be done by a Part P electrician. We will NOT be able to complete the job in 4 days!!! Any company professing to do this is spinning you a yarn. A FULLY refurbished bathroom or kitchen is likely to take around 3 weeks, sometimes longer. We will not ask for payment 'up front' apart from a deposit to cover the purchase of goods.

We aim to be the BEST BATHROOM SERVICE in the area, and have hundreds of satisfied customers willing to recommend us (just ask!).

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